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  • Agent Mercy performing as only they can
  • Agent Mercy guitarist, Eddie Guzman
  • Agent Mercy is Chris Senise and Eddie Guzman
  • Relaxing is not a normal occurrence for Agent Mercy, but they make the most of it.
  • Agent Mercy plays a short acoustic set during the shoot.
  • Agent Mercy basking in the sunlight.

This is the media gallery of the new Florida alt rock band, Stereo Joule. Here you can view the latest photos and videos, from their professional photo shoot, live performances, and tour photos. So, thirsty for more? Therefore, head over to our YouTube page or our Instagram. First of all, we are constantly updating them with new photos and videos. So make sure to visit the store to buy and download our new music from the new EP, “GO!”. Because, there are three excellent tracks and more are soon to come. As a result, you will experience the unique sound of Stereo Joule.

About the new Stereo Joule EP.

The new EP, “GO!” features three amazing tracks. First of all is a track is called “Give more heart”. Another track is called “Anymore”. Finally, there is “Inside Out”, as a result they comprise some of the best original music you’ve heard.

The artists behind the music.

The pictures in our gallery feature Chris Senise, the powerful female vocalist that heads up the band. Her soulful lyrics and passionate delivery capture your imagination and have you reliving every moment of her life experiences recounted in the band’s lyrics.

The pictures also feature the band’s amazing lead guitarist, Eddie Guzman. Eddie has years of studio and touring experience with famous bands and his work on this EP displays his considerable skills perfectly.

Together this duo make up the songwriting team of Stereo Joule. While the band has existed in various forms for years, this new EP marks the culmination of many years of writing, recording and refining their craft. Don’t miss it.

In conclusion, enjoy the gallery. Look at the pictures, watch the videos. And finally, go to the store. You will probably download the best new music you’ve heard this year.